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Power Sweeping and Commercial Pressure Washing in Oviedo, FL

It’s not easy keeping a business or retail property clean and tidy. Constant traffic has a way of increasing the amount of dirt and grime that builds up. If left unchecked, your property can become an eyesore that won’t attract customers or tenants. The solution is choosing trained and experienced professionals to maintain your property. Maximum Sweepers Inc. can give your facility a cleaner look with power sweeping and commercial pressure washing in Oviedo, FL.

When you have a large area that you’re responsible for maintaining, such as a commercial parking lot, the most effective way to tackle it is by contacting us for our parking lot maintenance and sweeping services. As for maintenance, we can perform paving and pothole repair, as well as striping. Sweeping is useful in many areas for a property as well.

Power Sweeping For:

  • Malls 
  • Shopping Centers 
  • Office Complexes 
  • Apartment Complexes 
  • Schools 
  • Construction Sites 
  • Distribution Centers 

(Sweeper magnet upon request)

Commercial Pressure Washing Cleans:

  • Buildings 
  • Common Walkways 
  • Under Canopies 
  • Monument Signs/Signs 

Pressure washing is a quick and easy way to restore the appearance of buildings and other outdoor surfaces without having to resort to expensive remodeling or renovations. It is also excellent preventative maintenance as well.

Porter Equipment | Power Sweeping and Commercial Pressure Washing in Oviedo, FL

Porter Services

  • Cob Web Removal Under Canopy 
  • Excessive Trash Removal 
  • Cigarette Urns 
  • Window Sill Dusting 
  • Body Content 

Our services help you create a pleasant and welcoming environment for your staff and clients. You can add to the appeal of your property by using the landscape services that we provide as well. We even offer general facility maintenance. As you can see, one call to us truly does it all.